Tim Casey is a Master Trainer and has over 28 years  of experience in providing first responder training.  If you really want to know what needs to be done when the time comes join one of our many classes and you will feel confident at the right time.


Our goal with providing respiratory services is to aid your company in protecting the health and safety of your employees while complying with OSHA and MSHA regulations.  We provide professional counseling, program auditing and testing services.


Hearing loss is still all too common in the manufacturing sector and as Hearing Conservationists we take the goal of reducing hearing loss very seriously.  We are able to bring your company into a culture of safety by providing educational and testing services to raise the awareness of employees and comply with program requirements.


We provide inspection services for all types of respirators, emergency showers, portable ladders and all types of fall protection equipment.  We also provide and manage the recertification process at manufacturer required intervals.  We help maintain inventory records and planned maintenance activities.  We will free you up to address more immediate and pressing situations and goals.