Specialty Safety Services

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Hearing Conservation Programs

A comprehensive hearing conservation written program is an effective communication, training and accountability tool for any company with a commitment to the health and safety of the their employees.

Respiratory Protection Programs

We provide professional consulting and implementation services to aid your company in constructing and maintaining a site specific respiratory protection program in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134.

First Responder Training

We specialize in first responder training for the logging and industrial setting. Our course is designed to address the specific nature of injury and illness response with the understanding that EMS may be delayed lonnger than the usual response time. Our course will prepare your employee to deal with an extended patient care scenario.

Ladder Safety Programs

OSHA requires periodic inspections of ladders by a properly trained individual not using the ladder. We offer an annual service of ladder inspection for portable and fixed ladders conducted by a certified ladder inspector.

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