The importance of proper inspection and maintenance of equipment cannot be understated. Equipment that is used for the express purpose of protecting an employee’s health must be in the best condition possible to ensure its capabilities. An employee using safe equipment within required standards has the peace of mind to concentrate on the task at hand.

We offer inspection services in the following areas:


  • APR, PAPR, SAR – Air Purifying Respirator / Powered Air Purifying Respirator / Supplied Air Respirator
    • Periodic inspection, cleaning and repair.
  • SCBA – Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
    • Monthly inspection, cleaning, repair and operational checks
    • Hydro-testing / Visual exam management
    • Annual overhaul and flow testing

Fall Protection Equipment

  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards
  • SRLs, Winches ( Including competent person and manufacturer re-certifications)
  • Anchors, Suspensions etc.

Portable Ladder Inspections

  • Step
  • Extension

Emergency Shower and Eye Wash Stations

  • Annual exhaustive inspection and operational checks to meet ANSI recommendations.