Tim Casey is a master trainer with 28 years of teaching experience. Chet Casey has an extensive background in paramedics and emergency room patient care.  He will be continuing is father’s work in First Responder training.

Intended Audience 
Most of our classes are directed toward the logging industry and as such our classes emphasize training with the understanding that EMS will not arrive in the typical response time.  We train in basic first aid and patient care while waiting for EMS to arrive.  We also train in the use of the SKED stretcher system for Life Flight transport.  We will cover wound care, immobilization, illness, etc.

Instructor Materials
Basic Training Programs Video, Demonstration and hands-on scenarios.

Student Materials
BasicPlus Student Pack, including: Student Guide  Wallet Skill Guide  Successful Completion Card
Hands-on Skill Practice:  Students will practice essential skills in small group practices and also in scenario-based practices.

Recognized Completion Period
Recommended Time to Complete Initial Training: 5 to 6 hours  Retraining time depends on the experience and training history of the students. It is typically shorter than initial training.